Dr. Frank Ferrer
Founder and Managing Member
Dr. Ferrer is the Inventor and patent holder of our ultrasonic technology and process.   His expertise in ultrasound technology
derives from his background in medicine, and he has spent over five years developing and testing our process.  Dr. Ferrer's medical training was completed at Beth Israel Medical Center, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, NYC. He was a member of the Anesthesiology Teaching Staff at San Diego Naval hospital and at the University of Puerto Rico. At the present time he is the exclusive anesthesia provider for ambulatory orthopedic care for the Yale University Health Plan at Connecticut Orthopedic Surgery Center in Branford, CT. 

Dr. Ferrer has worked with leading scientists, engineers, and private companies to refine the process and formula over the last three years.  The Company now believes the HPA Sonics process may be the least expensive and most environmentally friendly approach to producing high purity alumina and aluminum trihydrate in the world.